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Dan Grading – 11th December 2016

Big congratulations go to all that successfully passed their Dan grade today, a lot of hard work had paid off today. Very well done.

– 3rd Dan (Sandan) –

Jackie Barnard & Stephen Church.

– 2nd Dan (Nidan) –

Becky Hartshorn, Grant Pullen & Freddie Hyde.

– 1st Dan (Shodan) –

Geneva Henson, Charles Brown, Daniel Gray, Rithvik Gongloor, Hong Xu Ni, Tracy Hartshorn, Maryam Atti, Linda Wilson, Andrew Nichols, Dylan Williams, Ingo Schiessl, George Lee, Andrew Papworth & Jack Cummings.


And especially to those from Altrincham Karate Academy, very well done all.


See Gallery for further photos. Thank You.

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