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Altrincham Football Club


The Venue

Altrincham Community Sports Hall

Altrincham F. C.

(Community Sports Hall)

J Davidson Stadium
Moss Lane, Altrincham
WA15 8AP

0161 928 1045

Only contact the venue for venue related enquiries. For Karate see Contacts page.

A.F.C. Community Sports Hall

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Altrincham Community Sports Hall is inside the grounds of Altrincham Football Club (J Davidson Stadium) on Moss Lane just outside the centre of Altrincham.

The hall has a wooden sprung and polished floor and is perfect for Karate drills and sparring. The room can be used as one large room or split into two equal size rooms depending on the needs of the club.

The sports hall is airy and filled with natural light from the large windows that look out onto the football pitch.


Training Times

Adults (open to all grades)

5 yrs and above (open to all ages and grades)

Monday 8pm - 9pm

Tuesday  6pm - 7pm

Thursday 6pm - 7pm

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There is a "thing" called Dojo Etiquette. This concept revolves around the way we treat the venue/place that we study Karate. The way we conduct ourselves is very important, not only to set a good example but to show due respect to those that "have gone before" (Sensei's).

See the Etiquette page for more information.


Kyu Gradings (Colour belts)

Next Kyu Grading


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Kyu Grade Belts


See the Terminology page for further information about the Japanese language. There are sections on terminology, counting, strikes & blocks, etiquette and more...

Ichi, Ni, San, Shi, Go

Dan Gradings (Black belts)

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